Demon Slayer’s New Fight is So Gory It’s An R-Rated Bloodbath

The trend of devastatingly brutal battles in Demon Slayer isn’t letting up, as the big fight for the fate of the Swordsmith Village begins in earnest. In fact, this may be one of the bloodiest and most violent battles to date, and it’s only barely started.

Demon Slayer’s unbeatable Upper Four demon Hantengu began his assault on the village by sneaking in and looking pathetic; the Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito seemingly defeated him in an instant, but all that happened instead was that he regenerated into two different demons, which split further into four demons. With only Tokito, Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya available to defend the village, that meant the group was already pushed to the limit–and they hadn’t even found out about Upper Five Gyokko, who is lurking outside the village and unleashing minion demons created through his Blood Demon Art.

Demon Slayer’s Bloodiest Battle Takes its Toll on Nezuko

The bulk of episode 4 is dedicated to fighting off these demons, and things definitely aren’t in the heroes’ favor. Genya was impaled on a spear, and Tanjiro was dragged away by the tengu-like demon, as he pleaded with Nezuko to save Genya. Tokito was blown away by one of the demon’s powerful fans, leaving him up on the mountain with a lot of ground to traverse before he could rejoin the fight. As the fight continued, Tanjiro was dropped from high up and slashed at repeatedly by the demon’s claws. Nezuko was definitely dealing the most damage to the attacking demons, but at a high cost–she was pierced through the throat and electrocuted by another of the demons, and also had her right arm ripped off. Nezuko’s own Blood Demon Art seemed to be fairly effective, though, setting the demons aflame with her mystical pink fire. Genya managed to get off a few shots with his gun, but the weapon is disappointingly ineffective, considering their ability to regenerate. The minions of Gyokko also made an appearance in town, causing the alarm to be raised and sending every man able to fight out into the streets.
While it’s clear that the Demon Slayers are giving it their all, things are already looking rather grim, especially with Tokito temporarily out of the fight. Fortunately, with the alarm raised, the townsfolk are at least aware of the attack, and the alarm also offered a means of getting the attention of recently departed Demon Slayer’s Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji, who has turned around to head back to the Swordsmith Village and help out.
Despite only just heating up, the Demon Slayers’ latest battle is already ranking among its bloodiest, with almost everyone having sustained some major injury already. Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya will just have to hold on until the Hashira can make it back, or the entire village (and the Demon Slayer corps) may be lost.
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