Deadpool 3: Domino Actress Teases Her Marvel Future: ‘I Feel Lucky’

Audiences are excited to finally see Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth again on the big screen. In fact, the actor has even begun training for the film. But what about the other cast members that were part of his journey in the last two movies? One of the biggest examples, who was introduced in Deadpool 2, is Zazie Beetz’s Domino.

The mutant’s ability ties back to having extreme luck, something that is perfectly displayed when nearly all of the other X-Force members die parachuting from a plane as she makes it out perfectly fine. Not even Brad Pitt’s Vanisher could survive the fall.

But will that luck carry over from the fictional character to the actress and manifest a spot in the highly anticipated Deadpool 3? It’s not clear if that’s what the project will have in mind for the world, but Beetz herself seems to think the situation may be looking up for her.

Domino Naturally ‘Feels Lucky’

While talking with The Hollywood Reporter, Deadpool 2 actress Zazie Beetz, who played the mutant Domino, was asked about potentially returning as the character in the next installment of Ryan Reynolds’ superhero series. 

As one might expect, the actress’ response was vague, but she did mention how she “feel[s] lucky” when asked about her luck, even though she “can’t really divulge or say anything:”

Will Domino Appear In Deadpool 3?

One interesting report recently noted how Marvel Studios might not be able to release any Mutant-based projects until 2025 due to old contracts from the Fox Studios films. The one loophole around this would be to use actors has the same versions of the characters they used to play—such as Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X.

This would also happen to include Beetz’s Domino. Maybe she’ll join Josh Brolin’s Cable in tagging along with Deadpool as he makes his way over to the MCU?

Audiences seemed to enjoy her role in Deadpool 2, so it would only make sense for her to return for more—though, obviously, it’s not quite clear what the canonicity situation may be for the upcoming threequel.

Hopefully, Marvel Studios’ D23 presentation will hold some fun surprises when it comes to Deadpool 3. Maybe even some official casting news, and information on what fans could expect from the plot? After all, the world is dying to know.

Deadpool 3 is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2024 or 2025.

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