DC’s Gotham Knights Receives Exciting Release Update

The anticipation surrounding WB Games Montreal’s open-world superhero game Gotham Knights has been sky-high, mainly due to the inclusion of several famous heroes from the Batman mythos. The upcoming title will feature four playable characters, including Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin. The story will revolve around the four heroes protecting Gotham after the untimely death of the Dark Knight. 

Gotham Knights executive producer Fleur Marty previously revealed that the game’s combat system will be much more enhanced than the Arkham games, saying that it will focus on co-op brawling. Not only that, but its open-world map will also allow players to explore the infamous Arkham Asylum and it has been confirmed that this will be a new version that could surprise gamers everywhere. 

Now, in anticipation of its release, the game has received an exciting update.

DC’s Gotham Knights Achieves Important Milestone

Warner Bros. Games Montreal officially announced that Gotham Knights has officially gone gold, meaning that the game is finished and ready to go into production to be shipped. The team expressed its excitement on social media ahead of its release this October. 

This milestone also means that the upcoming DC video game won’t be delayed from its current release date.

“The whole Gotham Knights team is proud to announce that we’re officially GOLD! See you in October!”

Will Gotham Knights Receive A Sequel?
Gotham Knights officially going gold is a positive development for the game, and this should ease the concerns of those who already pre-ordered it ahead of its release. While it’s unknown if a day one patch will be released, it’s reasonable to assume that it will be included, considering that this update is common for new games despite going gold. 

Gotham Knights was first announced back in 2020, meaning that it took two years for the developers to fully finish the game, much of that due to the pandemic. Still, given the various delays that the game experienced, many would agree that the game’s “going gold” milestone was worth the wait.

Marketing for the Batman spin-off video game has also been ramping up in the past weeks, thus building more anticipation for its release. IGN recently released the first 16 minutes of Batgirl’s gameplay alongside a deeper look at Red Hood’s combat style and high-level builds. 

It is unknown if more trailers will be unveiled in the coming weeks, but WB Games Montreal will surely reveal more gameplay secrets and combat tips as it approaches its October 25 release date. 

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