DCEU’s Atom Smasher Looks similar to Deadpool In New Photo

Fans are anxiously awaiting their next foray into the DCEU, which will be with none other than Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. The character flips the script a little by being a big-time anti-hero and not a straight-up superhero as nearly all of the other characters who have had a solo movie. As exciting as it is to see him in action, it’s another group that might interest others the most: the Justice Society of America.

The famous group is basically an offshoot of the Justice League, as the name would suggest. Its membership in the upcoming film seems pretty small, however.

Four names make up the roster—at least, those ones the public knows. There’s Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher.

Their designs give each character a distinct appearance. While all of that remains true, there is one character whose costume looks undeniably like Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool, so much so that it’s a little strange.

Atom Smasher Raids Deadpool’s Closet

The Hollywood Reporter revealed a four-issue tie-in comic series for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam that is set to start hitting shelves in July. Each issue will have a variant cover focusing on each member of the team. 

There’s Noah Centineo’s Atom Smasher, whose bright red and blue costume design catches the eyes almost instantly. However, there’s something else that comes to mind when looking at his attire.

His superhero suit looks surprisingly like Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool—it’s just been recolored and given a new belt; the eyes even have the same shape around them.

Alongside Atom Smasher will be Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, who seems to be leading the initiative. His costume is a faithful adaptation of the source material.

Then there’s Pierce Brosnan’s Dr. Fate, whose asymmetrical helmet design can be seen in his arms.

Finally, Sarah Shahi’s Cyclone rounds out the group and sports a forest geek outfit with a colorful chest plate—not to mention those interesting buns in her hair and on the hero’s shoulders.

Is DC’s Deadpool-Like Look a Coincidence?

Given all of the superheroes out in the world, some of the costumes are bound to draw similarities to each other. However, Atom Smasher’s seems like an extreme case.

From the shape around the eyes, their white color, and the distinct structure of his mask—most who look at him are undoubtedly going to think of Deadpool before anything relating to Black Adam. Now, these similarities aren’t a bad thing in theory, but they will certainly draw attention to it themselves.

Either way, the texturing is phenomenal, not to mention how the vivid red and blue color scheme pops off the screen.

Most of the outfits seem masterfully designed. Though out of the bunch, Cyclone’s seems a clear step below the likes of Hawkman or even Teth-Adam himself.

Black Adam hits theaters on October 21.

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