Daredevil Star Wants One Thing Changed About His MCU Costume


Phase 4 of the MCU has introduced an impressive number of new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as Yelena Belova, the Eternals, Shang-Chi, and Kate Bishop. At the same time, Marvel Studios also reintroduced several characters from Marvel’s television series as well, particularly Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and Charlie Cox’s Daredevil from the Marvel Netflix series.

While D’Onofrio’s Kingpin returned in Hawkeye on Disney+, Cox’s Matt Murdock appeared as a teaser-type cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, setting the stage for his character to play a larger role within the MCU.

In the meantime, however, there are still questions about the hero’s Netflix show’s canonicity. In fact, that debate just got more interesting now that Daredevil, along with Jessica JonesLuke CageThe Punisher, and more, is set to arrive on Disney+ on March 16

So will Cox’s “really good lawyer” within the MCU be the same Daredevil from Netflix and Disney+? It’s hard to say, especially since Marvel Studios has yet to confirm where and when audiences will see him again. But that doesn’t mean fans – and Charlie Cox himself – haven’t thought about what could be different this time around.

Charlie Cox’s Idea for His MCU Daredevil Costume

When asked by ComicBook.com about what suit Charlie Cox hopes to have within the MCU, the Daredevil actor was hesitant to answer, saying, “I know enough to know to not speculate on something like this” but eventually did confess “a little idea that I’ve had that I thought would be quite cool:”

“I know enough to know to not speculate on something like this because as soon as you say it, it somehow becomes a thing. This is what Charlie Cox wants to see and I don’t want to put that in the mind’s eye of the fans or even the creators, so I’m not going to answer that question purely because if it doesn’t become a new story, if there is some new suit or if it does morph for change or it’s rethought or whatever, it will be so much more fun for the fans to just have that moment of like, oh shit, that what it. You know what I mean?”

 Even though Cox is new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s no stranger to comic book fans and the speculation frenzy that can follow an actor’s expressed hopes that are later interpreted as fact. 

At the same time, he also has an appreciation for the fans in attempting to preserve their experience. 

Still, that’s not to say that Cox hasn’t thought about what his new suit might be. While he says he has “no idea” about what’s being planned for character’s threads within the MCU, he also admitted that “I’ve always liked the idea that at some point he feels like he has earned the right to have the DD:”

“I don’t like speculating because I know it can go down a rabbit hole. What I would say is I’ve always liked the idea that at some point in Matt’s journey, his emotional journey, and again, I don’t know how everything what’s happening, and what might happen, and how it ties into what we’ve already done, I have no idea. But I’ve always liked the idea that at some point he feels like he has earned the right to have the DD, which we’ve never had.”

 In Netflix’s Daredevil, Cox wore a red and black suit which, as he said, didn’t feature the “DD” letters for Daredevil that the character typically had emblazoned on his suit in the comics. 

While that change would make the Daredevil actor’s suit more faithful to the comics themselves, Cox wants the addition of the letters to be part of the character’s “evolution on screen:”

“And one day down the line, I like the idea that he just makes that decision; we get to witness that evolution on screen. That’s just a little idea that I’ve had that I thought would be quite cool.”

Why a New Daredevil Suit is a Sure Thing

Whether Charlie Cox’s Daredevil from Netflix is MCU canon or not, the actor is likely to get a new suit regardless. 

Marvel characters often get new suits and costumes for each new project and sometimes even several. While, yes, it helps to sell toys, it’s also a way for creators to tie into the comics and/or to reflect the character’s growth and experiences, just like how Cox wants the “DD” for the sake of his character’s development. 

Also, even if the MCU is prepared to bring the Marvel television shows into its universe, the studio will probably still want to mark Daredevil‘s new chapter with a new look. The question is, what will that new look be?

Matt Murdock’s original costume in the comics was yellow and red. In fact, there are rumors claiming that Cox’s Daredevil will be sporting a yellow and red suit for a She-Hulk role on Disney+.

Another option is the classic red, which is what Ben Affleck wore in his 2003 Daredevil movie. Also, through the years, the comics have explored black suits with red accents and suits that are both red and black, similar to what Cox’s Daredevil wore in his Netflix series.

Regardless of the look of Daredevil’s MCU suit, it’s safe to say that those threads won’t be his last; and given Marvel Studios’ focus on character, that signature Daredevil “DD” is likely only a matter of time. 

Daredevil becomes available to stream on Disney+ on March 16, 2022.

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