Black Panther 2 Theory: Namor’s Next War May Go Beyond Wakanda

One of the most complex characters in the Marvel Universe — Namor the Sub-Mariner — will finally debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Since his start, the amphibious superhero has always been on the side of heroes, but when it came time to defend the surface world or his people, he always chose his people. Now, audiences will see this firsthand as his armies invade and potentially devastate Wakanda. But one theory may tease that this attack is only the beginning of what could be an even greater battle on the horizon.

In the comics, Namor often fought against the surface world because their actions would cause problems for the ocean and, in turn, his people. That would lead to him mercilessly striking out in anger and putting him at odds with other heroes. Now, depending on where Wakanda Forever lands on the timeline, that could happen because of the events of Eternals, which involved the Celestial Tiamut rising up in the ocean.

There’s much that’s still left unsaid regarding the status of Tiamut. For starters, while the prevailing theory is that it could be the next base for the Avengers, there are larger implications about what its presence could mean for the planet. Any residual Celestial energies seeping from the structure could further poison or mutate the ocean and its inhabitants. As a result, this could also impact Namor’s people in Talocan. Since the surface has yet to tackle this phenomenon, this would only lead to more anger and cause him to attack.

And if Namor remains with his people as a temporary ally to the surface at the end of Wakanda Forever, it would only further strain his relationship with them. As they sit idly by and let the planet get poisoned, Namor would get compelled to strike, taking things they hold dear away from them to teach a lesson. But a move like that could lead to war. If so, it would also lead to a conflict between him and other heroes. That could include the likes of the Thunderbolts or even the Fantastic Four.

Namor has had a long history with the Fantastic Four, even harboring romantic feelings for the Invisible Woman. Introducing them as an obstacle to avert war would be a great way to create tension within the team and form even more connections between the other heroes. In fact, the Fantastic Four could be the team that helps Namor hold off his attack and join in trying to solve the Celestial problem through science so that both sides could benefit.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never been afraid to sit on a character or concept until the time is right to revisit it. The same could be said for Tiamut, which has remained in the ocean for some time now. Whether this could lead to Namor’s next great war remains to be seen. But it’s clear that someone will have to answer for the lack of action to study or even remove the giant Celestial.

To see what causes Namor’s war, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits theaters Nov. 11.

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