Batman’s Brother Just Got a Brand-New Superhero Suit

Luke Fox, Jace Fox/Batman’s brother and the former Batwing, dons a brand-new superhero suit in Harley Quinn #21, though the character says he’s still working on a superhero name.

Harley Quinn #21 comes from writer Stephanie Phillips, artist Simone Buonfantino, colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr. and letterer AndWorld Design. In the issue, the Task Force XX villains and antiheroes have found themselves battling a sentient Element X, which has attached itself to Solomun Grundy and a handful of soldiers. In Harley Quinn #20, the team’s leader, Luke Fox, is cornered by Grundy when he steps out of his office, leaving him no choice but to run off into the woods to a nearby hideout.

As Luke gets away safely, Task Force XX intervenes and tries to stop the villains. It’s then when Luke appears dressed in a new, cat-like outfit complete with claws and a distinguishable helmet. When the team gets away and has a moment to catch their breath, Harley questions who Luke is trying to become while later complimenting his new look. “…Are we gonna talk about this whole new foxy costume thing, or…?” she questions. “And no judgments from me. We love a man who can pull off a quick costume change…especially with one that tight-fitting…”

DC’s Work in Progress Superhero

Luke admits he’s at a bit of a crossroads in his life, unsure if he wants to continue with a life of masked vigilantism or not. “After I gave up on Batwing…there was a brief time I thought I could still wear a costume,” he tells Harley. “It just wouldn’t have a bat on it.” When Harley asks Luke what his new superhero name is, he tells her that he hasn’t figured that out yet and it’s a “work in progress.”

Created by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Eduardo Pansica, Luke Fox first appeared in 2013’s Batwing #19. The son of Lucious Fox, Luke became the second Batwing for a time after David Zavimbe decided to retire from the position. Recently, Luke has put aside the cape and cowl to lead Harley and her new team on a mission to space throughout the “Task Force XX” storyline, though he’s constantly reminded of his brother’s crime-fighting guise in New York City.

Source: DC

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