Avatar 3 Will Retcon 1 Villain Death from Previous Movie, Reveals Producer

Avatar: The Way of Water featured the death of an annoying villain from the Resources Development Administration (RDA), but the sequel’s producer has retconned the character’s death by confirming his return in Avatar 3. 

After a peaceful decade, Avatar 2 marked the Sky People’s return to terrorize the Na’vi. Instead of simply running a mining operation, the humans’ comeback to Pandora is fueled by the idea that they want to make the planet the new home for humanity. 

One of the new foes introduced as part of the Sky People is Brendan Cowell’s Mick Scoresby, a side villain in charge of the RDA’s tulkun hunting efforts. While Avatar 2 seemingly featured his brutal demise, it turns out he is far from dead. 

Avatar 3 Brings Back Key Side Villain

Speaking with Empire, Avatar: The Way of Water producer Jon Landau confirmed that Brendan Cowell’s Mick Scoresby will return in Avatar 3. 

Landau’s confirmation essentially retcons Scoresby’s apparent death in Avatar 2 since many assumed that the character died. 

During the eventful clash between the Metkayina clan and the RDA, Scoresby tries to shoot Payakan with his harpoon, but the Tulkun outsmarted the villain by wrapping the weapon’s cord around the shoop.

As a result, the Tulkun hunter’s arm is trapped against his boat’s hull and cleaved off when Payakan pulls against it. This led to Scoresby’s body and his severed arm being thrown into the ocean. 

Alongside the confirmation of Scoresby’s revenge tour in Avatar 3, Landau also revealed that Payakan would be back in the threequel, teasing that the movie will further explore his relationship with Lo’ak.

How Mick Scoresby Returns in Avatar 3 (Theory)

Mick Scoresby’s return in Avatar 3 spells trouble for the Sully family and Payakan due to his quest for revenge. 

Given that his body is nowhere to be found at the end of Avatar 2, Scoresby may follow the same path as Miles Quaritch by turning into a Recombinant, a fully sentient human/Na’vi hybrid warrior that has been embedded with the recorded memories of a human. 

Doing this effectively elevates Scoresby into a much more formidable threat to the Tulkuns in Pandora, with his main target being Payakan. 

If the Tulkun hunter doesn’t end up as a Recombinant, he could still portray an integral role as the one in charge of ordering some of RDA’s soldiers to hunt down the Sully family and Payakan. 

Avatar: The Way of Water is still playing in theaters worldwide.

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