Avatar 2 Spoils Why Humans Invade Pandora Again

Avatar: The Way of the Water is confirmed to feature the return of humans in Pandora, and the reason for their surprising comeback has finally been revealed. 

Marketing for Avatar 2 has been ramping up in the past weeks as it approaches its December release date. However, the exact plot details are still being kept under wraps. 

Despite that, there have been many teases of what to expect, particularly in its latest trailer. New footage from Avatar 2 has revealed that another tragic story is in the cards for Jake Sully and his newfound Na’vi family, and this clearly has something to do with the return of its human villains a.k.a. the Sky People from the first movie. 

And now, the arrival of these villains in Pandora (again) has been finally explained.

Avatar 2 Explains Why Human Villains Return

As per the official press release for Avatar: The Way of Water, Disney provided more details on why the humans (the Sky People) decided to return to Pandora. 

After successfully defeating the humans and sending them back to Earth in the first Avatar movie, the Omatikaya clan has lived a peaceful life on Pandora for more than a decade. However, this was abruptly broken when a growing star in the night sky signals the return of the invaders. 

When the Sky people alongside their massive destructive equipment land on Pandora, the Sullys and the rest of the Omatikaya are then forced to create a secured stronghold inside a giant cavern that is located within one of the massive floating rock formations that are a part of the Hallelujah Mountains. 

It was then revealed that the humans’ return to Pandora is not just to run a mining operation to strip the moon of unobtainium. Instead, the Resources Development Administration (RDA) came back with the added objective of colonizing the entire moon and making it the new home for humanity since Earth is on the verge of no longer being inhabitable. 

On top of having a plethora of weaponized land, air, and sea vehicles, the RDA also unveiled their own secret weapon against the Na’vi in the form of an elite team of soldiers resurrected as recombinants (recoms). 

The recoms are autonomous Avatars embedded with the memories of the humans whose DNA was used to create them. This innovation led to the return of Col. Miles Quaritch as its leader, a villain who died in the first movie played by Stephen Lang. 

The Sky People’s Return is Bad News for Avatar 2

The human villains in the first Avatar movie were already a formidable foe for the Na’vi. The fact that they are returning with new weapons alongside a resurrected Col. Quaritch inside a Na’vi body definitely spells bad news for Jake Sully and the Omatikaya clan. 

In the first movie, it took a great amount of effort to defeat the Sky People, with Jake and Neytiri gathering the other clans of Pandora to rebel against their invaders. Many lives were lost during that epic battle, and a repeat of those events would be catastrophic for the Na’vi in Avatar 2. 

Moreover, the desperation level of the humans are at an all-time high in the sequel considering that they need Pandora as a whole instead of their resources in order to survive. This is on top of a vengeful Col. Quaritch who is seeking revenge against Jake. All of these aspects combined is just disaster written all over it. 

However, a new ally in the form of the Metkayina or the oceanic Na’vi could be the key in defeating the humans this time around. 

Whatever the case, the thrilling battle will be unleashed when Avatar: The Way of the Water premieres in theaters on Friday, December 16.

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