An MCU Theory Creates a Huge Thanos Plot Hole in Thor 4

Since Thanos’ conquest of the Infinity Stones, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded massively in terms of the limits of what cosmic beings can do. In the past, there seemed like nothing was scarier than the Infinity Gauntlet and its power to turn the wearer’s thoughts into reality. However, it has been revealed that even more-terrifying entities exist outside of reality itself. Their presence alone raises questions about the MCU’s past.

One prime example of a powerful cosmic entity is Eternity, a semi-humanoid silhouette with all existence making up its body. Eternity’s real power is how it could grant the wish of anyone who found it. That was the plan of Gorr in the 2022 sequel Thor: Love and Thunder. It allowed him to bring his daughter back from the dead. That said, one Reddit theory asks a question that could break down one of the most important moments in MCU history.

Why Didn’t Thanos Look for Eternity?

Thanos’ entire wish was to create balance in the universe by eradicating half of all life. It would mean that existence could thrive, and he could save the galaxy from the fate that befell his homeworld. In doing so, he turned into a cold and callous monster who was indifferent to the concept of life itself. His hunt for the Infinity Stones was nothing more than a faster and cleaner way to continue his conquest and allowed him to live out the rest of his days alone, knowing that he succeeded in his mission. However, with Eternity existing, it’s hard not to wonder why he didn’t just make his wish for it.
While it seems like it would be easy to reach Eternity, considering what Thanos endured already, it’s much more challenging to reach Eternity. For Gorr, he had to carry the mysterious and rare Necrosword, which seemed to be the only way to reach Eternity. Finding it was also a longshot, as Thanos had no interest in killing Gods. Not to mention the sword itself corrupts and may have worked against Thanos’ desires. Even still, the journey to the Temple of Eternity required the use of the Bifrost, and with no weapons before Stormbreaker to activate it, it was nearly impossible to reach Eternity. That realization alone proved just how powerful Eternity is.
Thanos’ Inaction Proves Eternity’s Importance

The universe and multiverse are filled with mysteries that still remain hidden in the MCU. Eternity was only one of many Celestials that still inhabit the space between spaces of existence and proved to raise even more questions. While characters like The Scarlet Witch are immensely powerful and the Infinity Stones harbor strength on their own, Eternity is something else entirely. Through its mystery and the likelihood that Thanos doesn’t even know of its existence, Eternity is likely like a forgotten God that chose when it should and shouldn’t be seen.

If true, that would make Eternity more powerful than even what was shown in Thor: Love and Thunder. Had Thanos known of Eternity, he would’ve likely done his best to try to reach it. However, if that were true, it would then mean he’d have given up his search, meaning that for as powerful as the Infinity Stones were, they were nothing compared to Eternity. Ultimately, knowing that Thanos couldn’t reach Eternity doesn’t ruin his plans, but it does prove that Eternity may be the most powerful being in the MCU so far.

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