Across the Spider-Verse Writer Shares Advice in Response to Audio Complaints

While moviegoers who saw Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse revel in its story, fans of the animated blockbuster complained about being unable to hear all of that story play out, an issue one of its scribes noted.
Per Collider, co-writer Phil Lord took to Twitter to address fan concerns about being unable to hear some of the dialogue during Across the Spider-Verse as there were clear sound mix issues. Sony’s creative team has been made aware of the audio problems and Lord gave his suggestions to ensure a better experience when seeing the movie, including getting to theaters early to make sure management adjusts the volume accordingly. “Spider-Verse friends! if you get to the theater early and you want a fun mission, ask someone to check that the theater volume is set at reference (7)! If it sounds a bit quiet, invite them to turn it up a touch to 7.5! If they give you flack… tell them we said it was okay,” he said. “7 is the standard we mix to. 7.5 might be better in a full house. It’s a very dynamic and comfortable mix so you can play it loud and proud.”
The sound problems are evident in Across the Spider-Verse from the start. During the opening scene, Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld) recaps her life and various events before its beginning. However, Gwen does this recapping while playing drums with her band and audiences can’t hear what she’s saying as something is wrong with the sound mix. Instead of the issue being with a particular screening, fans who attended various cinemas noticed the same problem and made their thoughts known.
Across the Spider-Verse at the Box Office
Despite that technical flaw, Across the Spider-Verse has otherwise garnered rave reviews, becoming a resounding critical success while on track to smash franchise box-office records. During its opening weekend, the Into the Spider-Verse sequel earned $125 million domestically, the second-highest take by a North American title in its first three days this year behind The Super Mario Bros. Movie ($146 million). Worldwide, Across the Spider-Verse has made over $208 million, putting it well on course to surpass Into the Spider-Verse’s final tally of $384.3 million following its 2018 premiere.
As of this writing, Across the Spider-Verse boasts a 95% critical rating and 96% audience score via Rotten Tomatoes, with some reviews branding it as one of the best superhero movies ever made, praising it for its storytelling, action and visual appeal. The film sees Miles Morales (Shamiek Moore) and Gwen travel through the multiverse to stop a potential catastrophe at the hands of the Spot (Jason Schwartzman) that threatens to wipe out hordes of Spider-People. Lord co-wrote Across the Spider-Verse alongside long-time creative partner Christopher Miller, and David Callaham.
Across the Spider-Verse also stars Oscar Isaac (Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099), Daniel Kaluuya (Hobart “Hobie” Brown/Spider-Punk), Issa Rae (Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman) and Karan Soni (Pavitr Prabhakar/Spider-Man India). Almost 100 named characters appear in Across the Spider-Verse, which is one of the longest animated titles ever made at 2 hours and 20 minutes. The film also precedes the next sequel in the Spider-Verse franchise, with Beyond the Spider-Verse expected to premiere on Mar. 29, 2024.
Across the Spider-Verse is now showing in theaters.

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