A Scarlet Witch Theory May Explain the Importance of Her Destructive Prophecy

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a massive film that offered only the smallest teases as to what’s coming for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though there’s still much to be discovered, one constant is that a multiversal incursion is slowly on the way for Earth-616. For now, it’s unclear what that could mean for the MCU, but one theory may involve The Scarlet Witch embracing her destiny and fulfilling her prophecy in a Secret Wars-style chain of events.

In the 2015 event series Secret Wars by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribić, a multiversal incursion threatens to destroy all reality, and the only one capable of averting catastrophe is none other than Doctor Doom with the power of the Beyonders. As God Doom, he uses the powers of Molecule Man to create Battleworld — a reality remade in his image. Of course, this world doesn’t last, as the surviving heroes found themselves in this world and take it upon themselves to put an end to Doom’s plan.

According to Reddit theorist, LemoLuke, this same chain of events could occur in the future, but rather than Doom keeping Molecule Man captive, he would instead turn to Wanda Maximoff to reshape reality, fulfilling her prophecy. The theory also states Wanda has been set up for years to be a being powerful enough to rewrite all reality. Plus, since her body isn’t found in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it would be safe to assume she never died.

Instead, it’s believed Doom will eventually find Wanda with the intent to use her reality warping abilities on a larger scale to create Battleworld when the time comes. Even after she rights her wrongs, aligning with Doom could imply he possibly promised her a reunion with her children. A plan like this also fits perfectly with Doom’s tactics, as he’d rather appeal to a person’s desires than battle them to get what he wants.

This choice would also coincide with her prophecy of either ruling or destroying the Multiverse. Since it would likely be on the verge of destruction from an incursion, it would be up to her to destroy the Multiverse, so she could rewrite it as one of its rulers, along with Doom.

As a result, she could have everything she wanted without fear of consequences. This outcome would also eliminate the need to choose between being a destroyer or ruler, as she’d have inadvertently saved more lives in making Battleworld than if she had let the Multiverse fall apart.

Just like the comics, a Secret Wars story could end with a showdown between Doom and his rival, Reed Richards. Before that, though, there would be heroes that would appeal to Wanda’s kinder side and give her a push to turn against Doom, similar to how Miles Morales helped Molecule Man. As a result, her arc would help to bring the Secret Wars story to a close, but also give her arc a proper conclusion as someone who finally got to stay with her children in a new reality she created.

She’d also prove to herself and others that she’s not a monster, but a hero. While the theory may not be confirmed, it would be a great way to tie up any loose ends with the character, should Elizabeth Olsen choose to not return.

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