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Only a few more weeks remain until Marvel Studios soars back into theaters with Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth solo film centered around the God of Thunder. Along with a hoard of heroes that will drive this story forward, the MCU also looks to highlight possibly one of its most terrifying villains to date: Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher.

Taking on his first Marvel movie after leading the way as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Bale looks to be a standout star amongst one of the MCU’s biggest solo film casts in history. Fans already heaped praise upon his performance after his first footage came in the second full trailer, and anticipation is high to see the symbiotic villain fully in action.

That second trailer largely focused on Thor 4’s primary antagonist, bringing his comic book motivations to life as he takes on his crusades against all Gods in the MCU. Now, as the sequel’s promo tour moves forward and provides new looks at the story, another key line of Bale’s dialogue has made its way into the light.

Bale’s Gorr Marks the End of the Gods

A new TV spot for Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder, shared by Twitter user @sebbazz, included more dialogue from Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher.

As Gorr plunges his sword, All-Black the Necrosword, into an indistinct planet or moon, the villain utters the new line “The world will be better without gods.” There is also a slight change in another line from the second trailer when he says “You are not like the others” instead of “You are not like the other Gods I’ve killed.”

The full spot can be seen below:

the spots are coming ❤️‍🔥⚡️#ThorLoveAndThunder

— sebbazz 🧜‍♂️ (@thesebbazz) June 7, 2022

 Thor 4 Puts Gods in Danger Zone

While this spot doesn’t provide any new footage, Gorr the God Butcher’s mission becomes even more clear as Christian Bale takes on his next major comic book movie role.

In the comics, Gorr’s home planet was entirely devoted to serving the Gods, which led to him resenting them immensely after his people and his home were wiped out during his youth. Even though it’s unclear if that backstory will be recreated exactly for Bale’s MCU debut, Thor: Love and Thunder unquestionably keeps that same sentiment in place as Gorr lives up to the “God Butcher” moniker.

Looking at how Thor and his crew head to Olympus in this film to meet with Russell Crowe’s Zeus and a pantheon of other gods, these beings will be a key focus as Gorr begins his rampage across the galaxy.

With only one new line of dialogue available, Marvel is making sure to keep the majority of Thor 4 a secret until the film gets closer to its release date in early July. But considering what’s been said already about Gorr and what’s been seen on screen with his scary appearance, there should be plenty of thrilling villainous action to look forward to with the full theatrical cut.

Thor: Love and Thunder will debut in theaters on July 8.

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