Prey Means A New Predator Movie Can Do Something Different

Prey’s success revitalized the Predator franchise and became a fascinating addition to Predator lore, enabling the series’ next entry to do something different. Prey took almost everyone by surprise when it landed on Disney+ in 2022, with perhaps even the most hardcore (and optimistic) Predator fan taken aback by its thrilling, economical storytelling. Prey was so excellent and fresh that it encouraged enthusiastic speculation about what creative direction the franchise could go next.

Naru was such a compelling character, and Amber Midthunder such a charismatic screen presence, that it would make sense for Prey 2 to focus on her next journey, especially since she was crowned war chief at the end. Likewise, Prey’s singular concept of Predators hunting humanity at a specific point in history is fertile creative ground for creating more fun Predator movies. A Predator taking on a samurai in feudal Japan would be a license to print money, for example. However, there is another direction a future Predator movie can go down that would be intriguing.

Naru’s History Can Change The Predator Franchise

A different idea for the Predator franchise could be returning to the present day, featuring a protagonist exploring Naru’s history as a Predator killer three centuries earlier. While a film set in the 21st century would lack the novelty of Prey’s concept, it would be fascinating to see what impact Naru’s interactions with Predators might have had throughout subsequent history. After all, it meant that Dutch was no longer canonically the first human to survive an encounter with the alien hunters.

Although the Predator franchise never needs to return to the modern day again after Prey, that doesn’t mean the idea couldn’t work. The film might involve a protagonist being hunted by the Predator before being informed of humanity’s entangled history with the creatures. There could be an inciting incident that leads them on a journey of discovery in how to defeat the Predators, with Naru as the origin of some society or collective aiming to keep the Predators’ presence a secret, as well as preserving the means to defeat them. The film could veer from action-horror towards the adventure tone of a National Treasure or Indiana Jones.

Predator Exploring Naru’s Historical Story Can Cement Her Role

A film grappling with humanity’s complicated relationship with the Predators could be interesting. There was a suggestion of this historical through-line in Alien v Predator, with various iconography of the Predators being hailed as gods by a primitive civilization. However, Prey and Naru would give more meaningful context to a film that examines a new Predator history, as Prey’s hunter in Naru and her story are already established in Predator lore, allowing viewers a plot thread to relate to.

More importantly, such a film would consolidate Naru’s place in Predator lore, underscoring that her victory over the Predator in the 18th century was a landmark for the species in their secret war against the Predators. Midthunder’s Naru could represent the future of the Predator and Prey franchise, but she needn’t be the protagonist of every film. With every previous Predator film feeling only loosely connected to the others and narratively suffering as a consequence, Naru and her history as a symbol of humanity’s resilience could become the anchor the franchise needs to go from strength to strength.

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