Marvel Is Already Paying Off The Best Kang Theory For Avengers 6

Loki season 2 is already laying the groundwork for a great theory about what will happen in Avengers: Secret Wars, the culminating MCU movie of the Kang saga. After Sylvie killed Kang the Conqueror’s variant He Who Remains in season 1, the Sacred Timeline that he worked so hard to maintain started branching off uncontrollably, increasing the threat of a multiversal war led by Kang’s variants. Season 2 sees Loki desperately trying to warn the TVA about the arrival of the Kang variants and figure out a way to defeat them, no easy task considering Kang has been known to obliterate entire timelines.
The question of who will defeat Kang is one currently looming over the MCU, and it will not be officially answered until Secret Wars releases in 2027. Scott Lang and his family successfully took down one of Kang’s variants in the Quantum Realm at the climax of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. However, a post-credits scene revealed the threat was anything but over, as an entire arena full of Kang variants was shown gathering and cheering, assumedly coming together to execute a large-scale attack. But one variant notably was not in the arena and instead appeared in the second Quantumania post-credits scene.

Why Victor Timely Is Key To Loki’s Multiverse Plan

The second Quantumania post-credits scene shows Loki and Mobius arriving at a scientific demonstration hosted by Kang variant Victor Timely, and Victor may just be the key to ending Kang’s uprising once and for all. Loki season 2 trailers include Victor, and the brief clips seem to show him taking on a more helpful than antagonistic role. For example, he is seen looking at OB’s model of the Temporal Loom, the machine tasked with refining raw time into physical time. It was only built to sustain the Sacred Timeline, but after He Who Remains’ death, the rapid branching of timelines overloaded, causing the Loom to malfunction.
Instead of purging the new timelines, OB decides to retrofit the device to be able to handle them, which he will likely need Victor’s help for, as He Who Remains built the Temporal Loom in the first place. To protect the TVA while he figures out how to fix the Temporal Loom, OB closed the blast doors. In order to unlock them, he will need the Temporal Aura of He Who Remains, which Victor Timely should match as his variant. Once Victor and OB work together to reconstruct the Temporal Loom, Victor can then open the doors, and both of them can potentially stop the destruction of the TVA.

Loki Already Set Up Kang’s Defeat In Season 1

Though the idea of a Kang variant being necessary to stop his multiversal rampage may seem counterintuitive, Loki has hinted that this may be the case since the beginning. In season 1, after Loki is captured, instead of imprisoning him, Mobius recruits him to help him track down a rogue variant, who’s soon revealed to be Sylvie. Mobius says the best way to hunt a Loki is with a Loki because they know how each other thinks and behaves. The same is likely true for Kang.
The reason He Who Remains created the TVA in the first place is that he was intimately aware of what his variants were capable of and was able to come up with an effective way to stop them from causing multiversal destruction. It was through the creation of the Sacred Timeline that He Who Remains was able to put an end to Kang’s Multiversal War. He figured the best way to stop himself was to purge every errant timeline from existence, as it meant his variants did not exist. He Who Remains’ success means Victor, as a Kang variant, has the potential to put an end to all the chaos as well.

Avengers 6 Could See A Kang Variant Turn Hero

Avengers: Secret Wars will see Kang’s control over the multiverse come to an end. If the rest of Loki season 2 involves Victor Timely aiding Loki and OB, then that would set him on a path to becoming the only heroic Kang variant the MCU has depicted. Kang being on the Avengers’ side is not that far-fetched, as He Who Remains, in a way, had heroic inclinations, just cruel and oppressive execution. If Victor can figure out how to control his variants without needing to obliterate entire timelines, then that will be the key to securing the Avengers’ success.
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