An MCU Theory Offers the Perfect Fantastic Four Villain

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Multiverse Saga has set itself up for a massive finale that will see the MCU’s heroes face off against a new army of enemies as well as partake in some Secret Wars. However, to ensure a massive payoff with such important players, the projects that set things up have to be carefully chosen. In this case, release dates are now more important than ever.

In the case of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, there’s still much that’s not known. But one thing that’s certain is the movie is slated for release a year before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Considering Kang was once a Fantastic Four enemy, as well as his variants, that would mean that he may likely face the FF soon. But the perfect variant may not come in the form of the conqueror but instead through one of his variants: specifically, Rama-Tut.

Rama-Tut Being the Fantastic Four’s First Villain Makes Perfect Sense

When Rama-Tut first appeared in Fantastic Four #19 (by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby), he was described as a time traveler from the future who tried to go to the age of heroes but found himself trapped in Ancient Egypt. Of course, since then, more information has come to light, such as his ties to Kang the Conqueror and how he’s simply another variant of the tyrant. But considering Rama-Tut was already teased in Moon Knight and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the Fantastic Four would be the best team to see him in all his terrifying glory.
For starters, Rama-Tut focused heavily on time travel, and there are rumors of the Fantastic Four entering the MCU via time travel. As a result, it would be ideal to have the team cross paths with Rama-Tut on their way back to their home time. In doing so, it would give the team even more urgency to return to their time. Furthermore, it would give the FF a formidable foe to face without rushing to Dr. Doom too quickly.
Facing Rama-Tut Gives the Fantastic Four Reason To Join the Avengers

From a logical standpoint, there’s no reason why the Fantastic Four would have to appear with the Avengers before Secret Wars. Their story, in the comics, tied more to Dr. Doom and the Secret Wars narrative. However, they also may not have any ties to the larger issues of the Multiverse Saga, unlike Loki and Ant-Man. Nevertheless, facing Rama-Tut could give the FF enough of a cause to try and find the other MCU heroes and try and convince them of the coming threat.
With Loki on his own mission with the Time Variance Authority and Scott Lang opting out of talking about his time in the Quantum Realm, it would be up to the Fantastic Four to talk about the major threats coming to their reality. Even the incursions that could come as a result of everything that’s happened so far add to the urgency of their getting to the MCU. But none of that would be logical without a chance encounter with Rama-Tut. With the Fantastic Four movie set to release before Avengers: Secret Wars, it would make perfect sense for Marvel’s first family to face off with a variant of a future relative, so they can enter the larger MCU with a dire message.

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