2 MCU Scenes Just Got Way More Important Now That Jonathan Majors Is Done As Kang


Marvel Studios firing Jonathan Majors will undoubtedly have rippling effects moving forward, but the move also makes 2 MCU scenes from 2023 much more important in retrospect. Speculation has run rampant about what Disney and Marvel Studios would do ever since abuse and harassment allegations against Jonathan Majors surfaced in March 2023. Now that Majors has been found guilty of the aforementioned, his professional relationship with Marvel has been terminated. As of now, it’s unclear if Kang will be recast or if the franchise will move in a different direction entirely.

Regardless of whether Kang is recast or not, it makes sense that Marvel Studios may want to close the narrative threads involving Majors’ versions of the character. Fortunately, two scenes from 2023 MCU movies and TV make that a lot easier. These scenes may not have been written with the intention of moving away from Jonathan Majors, but they certainly seem a lot more important now.

Quantumania’s Ending Reshoots Mean Kang The Conqueror Never Needs To Show Up Again

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania underwent reshoots, and set photos prove that the final few minutes of the movie are among the scenes that were revisited. It’s impossible to say exactly what the original ending entailed, but reports indicate that the original draft had Kang beat Scott in their Quantum Realm brawl and escape out into the world. Regardless of whether that’s accurate or not, the end of Quantumania may have been written to allow The Conqueror to return – but it also offered a perfectly serviceable ending for the Kang variant.

When Wasp arrives to rescue Ant-Man, she blasts Kang into his Quantum Engine. Scott previously survived a trip into the device, so it seems Kang was set up to do the same, but the MCU can now very easily move on and operate under the assumption that he died from the event. Regardless of whether Marvel moves on from Kang or recasts him, this scene becomes more important for explaining why this particular variant can be done and over with. Conversely, the bizarre physics of the Quantum Drive could explain an age change if Marvel goes with an older or younger actor for the part.

Loki Season 2 Gave A Perfect Explanation If The MCU Wants To Move On From Kang

Another scene that now seems much more important in hindsight is the ending of Loki season 2. As the season closes, TVA takes on a new task – tracking and dealing Kang variants who may threaten the multiverse. The episode alludes to Kang the Conqueror from Quantumania being taken care of, but the scene can now be used as justification for the Council of Kangs not showing up again if Marvel Studios so chooses. The TVA has proven its competence, and it’s narratively reasonable for the group to succeed in nipping other Kang problems in the bud.

Will The MCU Move On From Kang Or Will The Studio Recast?

At this point, it’s unclear if the MCU will simply recast Kang and continue on with his story as planned or pivot away from the character entirely to distance the franchise from Majors even further. Either way, change is clearly afoot. Avengers 5 has reportedly dropped “The Kang Dynasty” from its title internally at Marvel Studios as a new writer, Loki co-creator David Waldron, rewrites an earlier draft from Quantumania scribe Jeff Loveness. On one hand, this may indicate a significant change, but Waldron’s history with a Kang-centric project may simply indicate a fresh take on the character.

However, pivoting from Kang would likely demand change in more than just The Avengers 5. Presumably, several other upcoming MCU movies include plot points meant to build to Kang’s larger story, and those would need to be rewritten, too. There are still several years before the next Avengers project, but some significant rewrites may be needed across the MCU to lay the groundwork for a brand-new villain if that’s the direction Marvel Studios goes. Regardless, the MCU is at a crossroads, and only time will tell how the franchise moves on from such an unfortunate situation.

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